But it is winter, why do I need a tan? “A spray tan keeps your skin even and smooth, in the summer and the winter”

carry a winter glow line, so you do not have to look like you just came back from Mexico. If you are  willing to get a facial cleanse, use moisturizers, and is okay with milk or oatmeal baths and exfoliating scrubs, then may I suggest yet another way to help make your skin looking even, healthy, and beautiful? In the winter, clients usually don’t use a spray tan to “get a tan”, but instead to make their skin tones look more even.
Consider a spray tan to be your skin’s favorite black dress. It’s slimming, it compliments your figure, and it makes you feel more confident and more attractive. Look stunning at all of your holiday parties and events.

“A spray tan can make your skin look younger”
As we age, our skin turns grey because our heart cannot pump oxygen throughout our body as effectively as it once had—our skin is the first thing visibly affected by this. While this is a natural process of aging, it can still be a point of embarrassment for many.

A spray tan does not have to make you look like you just got off the beach. There are solutions that are formulated for older clients in mind; they are subtle and provide just enough color to do away with ash-colored skin and restore the appearance of a youthful glow.

“A spray tan will clear up specific skin problems”

An organic, natural, oil-free and alcohol-free spray tan can help specific skin problems like acne and blackheads. A spray tan can also help cover up age spots, Rosacea and certain types of Vitiligo.

Acne mostly affects the face, back, and upper chest, and is often caused by stress, hormones, and oily skin. If you have acne and you want to get a spray tan, look no further my solution has no extra oils or alcohol.

Rosacea cannot be cured, but you can take steps to control your symptoms.
Make sure to take care of your skin using gentle cleansers and oil-free, water-based skin-care products. 

Avoid products that contain ingredients that may irritate your symptoms. These include alcohol, menthol, witch hazel, and exfoliating agents.